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We Buy Vegas Homes Fast is different from other investment companies. Find out how we can help you get more money for your home while saving you thousands in other selling costs.

Please note that this is a mobile, home based business to help keep our overhead low. All transactions take place at a third party title company. We Buy Vegas Homes Fast.com is owned and operated by Treasure Cove Properties LLC and our service covers all of Clark County and the greater Las Vegas area including North Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City. Questions? Give us a buzz by clicking on a number below.

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What We Do

 We Buy Vegas Homes Fast is a site dedicated to helping homeowners get the most value out of their homes. We started as a distressed property solutions company, with the intention of helping homeowners who couldn’t sell to financed buyers because the home required massive repairs, the seller had fallen behind on payments or just needed some quick cash in order to move on. We can certainly still assist anyone looking to cash out quickly, but we are thrilled to announce that we can now assist homeowners with beautiful homes by getting them massive exposure, multiple offers and top dollar prices – guaranteed!


Why We are Different

Lots of other web sites and companies will offer to buy your home and help save your credit from the derogatory effects of a foreclosure. But are they willing to partner with you and share the profits, giving you a chance to start over and recoup some of the equity that would otherwise be lost?

What if we could strategically structure an offer that: 

  • Allowed you to retain ownership of the property, if that is important to you 
  • Creates monthly cash flow without the headache of day-to-day maintenance
  • Catches you up on any missed payments
  • Simply solves your financial problems and helps you move on

This is where our multiple offer structure comes into play. As a seller, you must decide whether you want to sell your house quickly, with minimal effort, at a lower cost or take advantage of higher priced offers that can help you get the most value from owning your home.


How to Get Started Quickly

If you can fill out a simple form with your contact information, we can start the process for getting your home marketed and sold on "The Nation's Most Powerful Real Estate Marketing and Investing  Platform.™"  As an authorized representative of FSBOVault.net, we can automatically upgrade you from a free, basic posting to a Full Page posting ($497) at no additional cost! Hit the button below to watch a short video that explains the incredible value of what we are offering you.