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 It’s likely that you haven’t heard of “NextGen Real Estate Marketing and Investing™” and that’s where we come in by starting a conversation of WHAT it really means and HOW it works. We also want to share WHY our company has joined a powerful network of real estate marketers and investors and HOW this alliance can BENEFIT YOU when selling your home. We do need some basic information about your property and reason for selling in order to serve you best. Get more details by filling out the form below.


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We Buy Vegas Homes Fast!

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Sellers listing their homes on Zillow, either through an agent or for sale by owner, are consistently DROPPING their prices as the market slows down. How long can you really afford to have your rental sitting vacant or risk paying two mortgages? Scroll down to get an unfair ADVANTAGE...


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NOW is the best time to take advantage of this incredible offer to get you top dollar for selling your home. Why?  Because the free upgrade is a limited time offer that also includes the multiple offer guarantee in 1 to 7 days.  The only thing you need to invest is a few minutes of your time*. We can even walk you through the process step by step. This FREE FULL PAGE POSTING links your property to a powerful network of real estate professionals and retail buyers that are ACTIVELY LOOKING for homes in the greater Las Vegas area to buy!

* A small, optional deposit is required for the text opt in yard sign, which is 100% refunded when you return the hardware.  

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Many families struggle to qualify for conventional home loans and those that do are often outbid by big investment firms that drive up prices on single family homes.  Help us preserve the dream of home ownership for deserving families or individuals that might need extra time to save, pay down debt or build credibility with employment history. If you're open to the idea of FLIPPING YOUR OWN HOME or allowing us to MANAGE THE PROPERTY while the tenant-buyer makes improvements AT THEIR EXPENSE, we want to talk to you!  If you're interested in becoming a rent-to-own tenant, fill out the form by clicking on the rent-to-own tab at the top of this page.