How to Estimate Accurate Repair Costs When Flipping or Wholesaling Property

Whether you’re a new investor or a seasoned professional, you’re going to love the new upgrades that creator Daniil Kleyman has introduced in his must-have

screenshot of Rehab Valuator’s flip analysis program

property analysis software known as Rehab Valuator.  This online tool works on any Internet enabled device and now includes project management templates to help you build detailed reports on everything from simple renovation upgrades to complex new construction projects.

If you’re wholesaling property deals to rehabbers and landlords, you can use this software to run the numbers on fixing and flipping properties or holding them as cash flow rentals.  Your detailed analysis helps ensure that your contracted properties are locked down at the right price while showing credible proof to end buyers that you know how to analyze and present profitable property deals.

sample template for rehab budget

You can take Rehab Valuator for a test drive by signing up for a free subscription.  I highly recommend upgrading to a premium subscription because then you can also take advantage of a detailed training video by Jerry Norton that teaches you how to estimate rehab costs in about 15 minutes. Check the accuracy of Jerry’s prices in your local market by comparing them against the itemized bids of two or three local contractors.  Doing this just one time enables you to create an accurate template for quickly estimating repair costs. Kleyman offers detailed instructions on getting comparable bids from local contractors to estimate repair cost in the free content that comes with the program.

The best thing about the program is the ability to create detailed presentations showcasing your property deals to private lenders, rehabbers and landlords.  Upload photos of the house and use the built-in comps feature to include nearby similar properties from Zillow that have recently sold; adding credibility to your projected ARV.  Your itemized list for the rehab and financial analysis highlighting the ROI will make you like a seasoned pro, even if it’s your very first deal.

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