Las Vegas is in High Demand

Limited inventory and high demand is driving home prices up in the Las Vegas Valley, making it a seller’s market out here in the wild desert west and ranking 1st on for hot housing market trends. The competition is also fierce for those trying to wholesale. I met a lovely gentleman who moved here with his wife from Georgia at the Las Vegas Insiders Club Networking Event on May 2, 2018, at the beautiful patio section of Bottigilia, inside the Green Valley Ranch Resort. Unfortunately, I can’t remember his name and couldn’t find his profile on Meetup but I’m pretty sure we exchanged business cards. I have a stack to go through. It was his story that stuck with me the most.

I’ll give him the nickname of George, George from Georgia. George attended a three-day real estate workshop, just like Carol and I did. He wasn’t at the exact same workshop as we were but did it roughly about the same time. George and his wife invested in the entire package, boots on the ground, Salt Lake City investor expo and all the other bells and whistles. George has also been actively making bids and offers on lots of local properties and getting turned down because someone else has already beat him to the finish line.

As a new investor, who has just put everything in place to start my real estate business, this could have been some very discouraging news. I not only dipped in to my life savings, I also put some debt back onto a credit card I had just paid off to get my business up and rolling.

Fortunately, just one night before attending this first investor meeting, I had watched a webinar that convinced me to include a new tool in my arsenal of investing programs. Meeting George and some other experienced pros we hope to be working with soon helped seal the deal that my partner Carol and I had made the right decision.

I’ll come back and fill you in once some deals are done and I’ve been accepted as an affiliate. I can’t give my competition an edge this good without getting a little something back in return.

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